Visual Identity

for a virtual clothing and jewellery brand

The Branding of this project started with an idea for a clothing and jewellery store that came about while traveling with a friend. My friend is finishing her diploma in Fashion Design and I am finishing a diploma in Graphic Design. We wanted to combine our interests and create a clothing store that incorporates graphics and art. The name of the store is Meraki which is the Greek word for “creating with love and soul”. The logo is a word mark with two simple line designs to represent the

symbol for ‘copper’. Copper is representative of Aphrodite/Venus and embodies characteristics of feminine beauty and artistic creativity. The branding pattern is representative of our inspiration. There are many paths with some coloured triangles which stand for the ideas we pulled away from our travel experiences. Our inspiration came from the eclectic, bohemian styles seen on our travels, and would be of interest to free-spirited and artistic females.