Package Design

White Rascal

Re-brand + Package Design

for White Rascal beer from Avery Brewing Co.

White Rascal beer is a Belgian style wheat ale made by Avery Brewing Company. The re-branded label illustrates a European farmer with beer containing orange peels and coriander (in the original flavour) because these are the traditional ingredients of Belgian wheat ales. The two other flavours have slightly different illustrations to show the ingredients used. Along with the label designs, a wooden beer holder was created for

serving purposes. Traditionally, Belgian beers are served with a wooden holder called a ‘Kwak’, which holds a tall beer glass. The design created for White Rascal beer has a similar idea but also holds the beer bottle in order to have the freedom of serving the bottle and glass with one hand. The label design was inspired by Caleb Heisey’s Folksaga bottles, which have an illustrative and narrative design.